Mind Over Matter, Use Your Brain to Ease Your Pain
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sleep well

Sleep Well: This program has been called a portable sleeping pill – the only one that doesn’t have any negative side effects

stress and self-hypnosis

Stress & Self-Hypnosis: Take back control – and enjoy dealing with the challenges of life in a new, easier, healthier way.

freedon from smoking

Freedom from Smoking: This program is packed with images and suggestions designed to appeal to your subconscious mind, to flip that switch and finally be free – free to be proud of yourself – free to smell good – and, most importantly, free to live a good, long, healthy life – to be there for those that you love – to do the things you want to do.

healthy weight

Healthy Weight: Weight is a complex issue, and nobody can tell you how to manage your body but you. Reconnect with your inner authority, and watch what happens!

stop worry

Stop Worry: This program contains a simple, powerful technique for controlling your mind, instead of letting your mind control you, and breaking those negative loops for good - anytime you want.

preparation for surgery

Preparation for Surgery: Think of how good it will be to be able to return to your normal life that much quicker. If your surgery is soon – don’t delay! If it is weeks or months away –so much the better. The subconscious mind loves repetition, and the sooner you start, the stronger the benefit.

US Orders only
All programs $5 each.